JBF Lakeland Employee Application

As an employee of JBF Lakeland, you will be a core part of our success. We are looking for friendly people who are willing to go the extra mile for both our shoppers and consignors. We want JBF Lakeland to be a vital resource for the community for years to come, and we need YOU to accomplish this!

Duties of General Employees of JBF Lakeland :
*Assisting shoppers with merchandise, questions, etc.
*Assisting cashiers with bagging and other office duties
*Merchandising inventory on the sales floor
*Greeting customers
*Assisting in the hold area & checkout line
*EXCELLENT customer service
*Friendly and work well as part of a team
*Flexibility in job responsibilities

Cashiers will be responsible for:
*Running sales transactions for shoppers utilizing the JBF POS system
*Assisting shoppers with merchandise, questions, etc.
*Greeting customers
*EXCELLENT customer service
*Friendly and work well as part of a team
*Ability to work in a fast paced environment & stand for long periods of time

Muscle Setup/Breakdown Employees - DOUBLE CREDIT SHIFT (earn a 12 hour presale pass for 4 hours of work)
*Unloading/loading equipment into storage POD
*Assembling/taking down wooden clothing racks & shelves and setting up/taking down tables
*Ability to lift/push/pull 50+ pounds and work on your feet
*Ability to work in a fast paced environment

Duties of General Setup/Breakdown Employees:
*Assisting with setting up/taking down tables
*Organizing baskets and signs
*Assisting the muscle worker's with light duties
*Organizing merchandise
*Ability to work in a fast paced environment & stand for long periods of time

Duties of Drop Off Employees:
*Assisting consignors with questions and placement of items
*Inspecting items for quality and safety
*Ability to stand for long periods of time
*Merchandising inventory
*Friendly and work well as part of a team
*Checking in consignors on the computer

Perks of being a General Employee with JBF Lakeland:
*Compensation of $11 per hour
*Shop FIRST during the presale for all Employee Presale hours offered
*JBF Swag
*Making new friends & having FUN!

Applications are valid for JBF Lakeland Spring 2023 Sale
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What days are you available to work? (*Keeping in mind a 6 hour minimum (for entire sale), Select all that apply. Priority will go to applicants who are also helping during sort/breakdown. Actual schedule will be determined after hire.) *
What hours are you available for each shift chosen? ( 1pm-9pm Thursday | 9:30am-6/7pm Friday | 9:30am - 7/8pm Saturday | 8:30am-3/4pm Sunday) *If you are working during your presale shopping time, you may take a pre-planned 1 hour unpaid break to shop. Please let us know here when you will be shopping. Each 6+ hour shift includes an unpaid 30 min lunch and 2 paid 10 minute breaks. We would give you foot rubs too if we could! *
What experience do you have with JBF? *Select all that apply *
What interested you in applying to JBF? *
Are you participating in consignor sort on Sunday, 3/26 from 3-7pm? This is an unpaid shift that will earn you a 12 hour presale pass and waived consignor fee. Scheduling priority is also given to all consignors participating in sort. We need your help to make pickup a smooth and pleasant process for everyone! *
I have already double checked my availability and understand that JBF really, really, REALLY depends on me to help run a successful event. This is especially true for setup/breakdown shifts. *
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