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Assalamu'alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
Hijab Influencers Network is a network which gathers Hijab Blogger, Hijab Youtuber and Hijab Instagram influencers to share positive values.
Our tagline is #HIN_WeShareGoodThings .
Our vision is to be the first Hijab Influencers community which gather and share positive influence to moslema all the over the world

Our member criteria are :

1. A hijabi moslema
2. Influencers who always share good things, never share provocative content which can insult others such as physical issues, tribe differences, different believes/religion
3. Registered on our database

1. Must has a personal blog (not business blog)
2. Consistently write content on your blog for minimum 5 months
3. Must place Hijab Influencers Network logo on the page of your blog ( you can have our logo at bit.ly/logoHIN )

Youtuber :
1. Must has a personal youtube channel with minimum 200 subscribers
2. Consistently provide video on her channel

Social Media influencer :
1. Must has a personal instagram account (not business account or others)
2. Consistently provide positive content on her IG account.
3. Has minimum 1000 real instagram followers with minimum 100 posts.

If you meet one of above criteria (blogger / youtuber / social media ), then
Congratulations! You are qualified to be Hijab Influencers Network member.

Before fill in the form you have to :
1. Follow all Hijab Influencers Network Social Media Account
Instagram : @hijabinfluencersnetwork
Twitter : @networkhijab
Facebook FP : HijabInfluencersNetwork
2. Subscribe to our youtube channel : Hijab Influencers Network
3. Must place Hijab Influencers Network logo on the page of your blog ( you can have our logo at bit.ly/logoHIN )

If you already complete the steps above
Please fill the form below and answer the questions completely to be registered as Hijab Influencers Network member.
Name *
Date of birth (format : DD/MM/YY) *
Address ( so we already have your address in case we need to send product from brand) *
Country you live *
Whatsapp Number ( ex :+628171237654) *
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Which type of influencers are you? (you can choose more than one answer) *
Blog Url
Blog Niche
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Average blog pageviews/month (Example : 10000)
Instagram Account Url *
Instagram followers number (min.1000) *
Youtube channel Url
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Youtube channel niche
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Twitter Account
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Already put Hijab Influencers Network Logo on the sidebar of your blog (for bloggers) *
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