SPW FFAT Buddy Holly Hall Friday Aug 6th, 2 - 9pm Trade Show Booth, 12' x 50' - Volunteers needed for a FUN time in a great location
This is a sign up and planning tool for our First, First Friday Art Trail at the new BHH and Performing Center.

Dear South Plains Woodturners Members & Guests,

I feel like I have finally had a break through with the Lubbock Art Community with great news to promote the South Plains Woodturners, tell our story, and find new prospective members.

"About --The Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Science is a unique model not found anywhere else in the world..."

The state-of-the-art campus features two theaters, event space, a full-service bistro and a ballet academy under one roof."

We have been invited by the staff at the new Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Science to provide educational and enrichment opportunities for guests at the First Friday Art Trail on Aug 6th from 2 pm – 9 pm.

There will be no fee for our organization.

Woodturners wanted to turn green wood into something of your choosing. We will plan on using Jet mini lathes that accept a MT#2 , 8 TPI x 1" spindle. Bring your tool box, wood, PPG. Help us keep it clean as possible.

I have created a drawing to show one way we could plan to utilize a 12’ wide by 50’ space. Our trade show booth could include” A Live Woodturning Demo, Sales Table, Display Only – Not For Sale Table, Children’s play area, Membership drive and sign up area. We can play videos from a cell phone to a smart TV like these we used at the Fair showing the Frenchman’s Tops. Or we can play from a USB drive. The BHH can help us with some tables, chairs, lights and more. We will need at least two 8' x 30" tables from the Y and maybe more.

We are the selected performers for Sculpture and Fine Woodworking Artists on this night. Get a new cap from JP’s Fun Wear and a new shirt if needed. We want everything to look sharp. If you did not get a new green shirt, wear a green shirt you have or order something from the AAW. As always, take story telling photos. We can use lots of help from our club to make this a giant step for the rest of 2021.

If your dues are expired, please get them in. You can join online with a credit card. If you paid recently, thank you for your financial help. Your SPW BOD is committed to planning a great year for our members to learn and share.

We plan to turn things that create shavings vs things that create fine saw dust. Plan so sandpaper is not used.

Christmas Trees and mushrooms with a chuck would be great. SPWT will be in Grand Hall B close to the Bird Tail Structure. We have a friend Stanley Ford Brownfield who is buying us one new TV Cart and our club is buying a second to make shows and classes like this easier.

Call, text, or email with any questions after looking at the google doc form at www.southplainswoodturners.org .

This form has 7 questions. 8 is for information. Question 1 asks for your email address below.

Kent Crowell - Past President--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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4 What jobs would you like to volunteer for at this outreach event? Check all that apply. I will probably bring 2 tables, 2 new Jet lathes, @ LG 47" club TVs and more from the YWCA. I have some clean tarps and picked up a sheet of masonite. Requires answers.
5 I can help on Aug 6th at these times. Check all that apply. Requires an answer.
6 What do you want to make? Comments for the good of the group. Display any kind of woodwork/sculpture. Questions Call or Text Kent Crowell 432 528 2891 kcrowell56@gmail.com Not Required. *
7 I will have more info on where we can park & unload later. What else do we need to put on the to do list? Thanks for your help. Not Required. *
8 Not Required. Not a Question. Our area is the Grand Hall "B". It is inside the "Bird Tail" entrance, close to the snack bar and spiral staircase. Across the street to the East is a Post Office and the LHUCA center. LHUCA is the headquarters for FFAT, We have better eye candy than other venues. Lets get close up photos of everyone for the news and web page. BHH is planning on giving us 6 tables and 12 new chairs. There will be a vaccination clinic and we may have a captive audiance for the 15 minute waiting period. *
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