Stratford PTSA/Anton Segal Scholarship Application Registration
Step 1. Complete this Google Form. This document will be used to register you as Scholarship Applicant.
Step 2. Fill out the Scholarship Application - can be found on the PTSA website, or find the link in the PTSA Newsletters
Step 3. Complete the Essay and attach it to the application
Step 4. Request an unofficial transcript from the registrar and attach to the completed application
Step 5. Give teacher recommendation forms to two teachers - please returned directly to Ms. Autry in Room 224
Step 6. Please also include the list of teachers you have requested a teacher recommendation.
Step 7. Turn in your application with all other required documents (the scholarship package) to Ms. Autry in Room 224 by Thursday, March 7, 2019. No application will be accepted after the deadline.
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Student must be an active 2018-2019 SHS PTSA member. If not, please visit the PTSA website to sign-up.
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