CommunityCon Attendee Feedback
If you're here, that means you likely attended CommunityCon, an online-only free to attend convention brought to you by the folks over at the PAX Community Discord server.

As you know, or should know, this was the first year we've done something like this. That means there is bound to be some issues as we learn and grow. Running an online event is weird to say the least, but overall we're pretty happy with how things went.

That being said, there's 100% room for improvement. We have a few ways we already plan to implement to improve CommunityCon for future iterations, but we'd love to hear what you have to say, good or bad.
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Let's start off with overall impressions. How did you like CommunityCon as a whole? *
Hated it
Loved it
Where did you hear about CommunityCon? *
How many events throughout the weekend did you attend? *
Overall, how much did you like the content presented at this year's event? *
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Very much
If you attended a tournament, how organized did you feel it was?
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Extremely Organized
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From a technical standpoint, how were the demo/showcase/panel streams? *
Example: Bitrate, sound quality, lag, etc.
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Very good
How easy did you find figuring out information about events (time, date, what they're about, etc.)? *
Very Easy
Very Hard
Do you feel a dedicated website with full information all in one place would help? *
If CommunityCon were to happen again, is there something you'd like to see more of?
Is there something you'd like to see less of?
Do you think a different daily timeframe (start/end time) would work better? Do you think the event should be "run" on another timezone? *
Do you feel you received too many or too few notifications for upcoming events throughout the weekend? *
Right in the middle would be the ideal amount.
Too little
Too many
If you attended a panel that also had a Twitch element, did you prefer (or would you prefer) to watch in Discord or on Twitch?
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Did any particular event stand out to you? If so, what?
Would you attend again if CommunityCon happened another year? *
Please provide any additional feedback you may have.
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