Excused Absence Form
Please fill out this form to ask to be excused from Ritual, Reflection, Initiation, or any Pledge Meeting.

The dates for the following required events are as followed:
Pledge Meetings: Every Sunday, 6pm-7:30pm (Make-Up Meetings at Greg Hall 215, 9-11 p.m)
Pledge Ritual: Tuesday, September 24th
Pledge Reflection: Thursday, November 7th
Pledge Initiation: Tuesday, November 12th

The deadlines to submit this form for each are as follows:
Pledge Ritual: Monday, September 23th, 11:59pm
Pledge Reflection: Tuesday, November 6th, 11:59pm
Pledge Initiation: Friday, November 6th, 11:59pm
Pledge Meetings: Saturday before the meeting 11:59pm

You MUST attend a make-up if you cannot attend a Ceremony or Meeting. If you are unable to attend the make-ups, contact Enrique at pt.director.apo.aa@gmail.com ASAP.

Be advised:
- You only get 2 excused absences and 1 unexcused from Pledge Meetings.
- Approved excuses include emergencies, class conflicts, test conflicts, and prior commitments that cannot be rescheduled. (Approved Excuse: I have an interview during Pledge Meeting 2. Denied Excuse: My favorite TV show is on during Reflection.)
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