Animarathon XVII Panel Submission Form
Animarathon Panel Submission Form
Got an idea for a sweet Animarathon panel? Let us know here!

Panels are part of what makes Animarathon enjoyable, and can be about nearly anything!

The submission deadline for panels is December 20th. 2019.

Thanks again! You are a big part of what makes Animarathon great, and we are proud of you!

Panel Rules
By submitting a panel, you agree to arrive at the specified room at your designated time to run the panel for the entire duration of time requested. If for any reason this condition cannot be met, contact us at as soon as possible to cancel or revise your panel (Ideally before December 20th 2018).

If you need to update your submitted information, please contact us at

You may submit multiple panels. A panel can be a maximum of four hours long. ANO will attempt to accommodate all requests for panel times, but please be considerate of other panelists as we have a limited amount of time available to distribute between panels. If your requested time cannot be arranged, ANO will notify you promptly. In addition, ANO will attempt to accommodate requests for equipment.

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