#TheatreActionImmigration Plays (submission form)
The Trump administration continues to degrade and mis-characterize immigrants using inhuman terms, while seeking more and more ways to other-ize and persecute them. Meanwhile, babies are being ripped from their mother's arms at the border, pizza delivery drivers are being reported to ICE by customers who then rip them from their families. Sessions recently announced that sylum seekers will no longer be granted asylum on the basis of gang or domestic violence...

This administration's immoral and grotesque policies must be stopped. One thing artists can do to help is to share their work with artist activists who wish to employ theatre as protest.

Protest Plays is seeking short (less than 10 minutes, please) plays and monologues on the topic of immigration. We want to offer these plays royalty-free for theatre activists to present at protests/fundraisers to fight for fair and humane treatment of those who seek shelter at US borders.

*Playwrights retain copyright of their work! PPP will be curating a collection of plays with the intent to share and promote this collection to theatres and theatremakers for readings.

Plays/Monologues should:
- Be under 10 minutes (shorter really and truly is better!)
- Be submitted in PDF format
- Be saved as PLAY TITLE.pdf
- Protest Plays does not mean your play must fit an agitprop model (although agitprop works too!) You can submit any stye/genre of play or monologue. Just lead with story and wow us with import. We are looking for plays that make people THINK, FEEL, CONVERSE... and plays that INSPIRE ACTION.

**If you want to make a full-length play on Immigration available for theatres to read royalty free for fundraising purposes, we will be compiling a list of NPX links for theatres. Please use the same form below**

Once you've submitted your play/monologue, keep an eye out for an email from us! We’re hoping to get these out to theatres ASAP, but it may take a few weeks for us to get everything set.

Other important details:
- Multiple submissions are ok - if you plan to submit multiple pieces, please complete a separate submission form for each piece.
- Plays must be received by June 30

*** There are two steps to submitting your play ***
1. Complete and submit the form below.
2. Email a PDF of your script to protestplays@LittleBlackDressINK.org
3. Make sure you use the following for your email subject line: "Playwright Name - Script Title"

Questions? Email Info@LittleBlackDressINK.org

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