UEW Self Registration Evaluation Questionnaire
Dear student in our effort to improve on the registration process a survey is being conducted by the Students Records Office to elicit your views. Please answer the questions appropriately to help us improve the service we provide.
This survey would take you about 5-10 minutes to respond. The first 6 questions are mandatory before you can submit the your answers at the end of the survey.
Thank you
Which UEW campus are you? *
What is your programme of study? *
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What is your level? *
What is your residential status? *
What is your gender? *
What is your age? *
How did you register for this semesters courses?
Were you able to register on your own?
If you answered 'No' to the question above who helped you to register?
If you registered on your own, how did you access the internet for your registration?
What device did you use for the semester registration process?
What Mobile Network did you use for your registration?
What time did you register?
On a scale of 1-5, how convenient was the self registration process for you? where 1 is least convenient and 5 was very convenient.
Least Convenient
Very Convenient
Were you able to access and verify the list of courses for the 2nd Semester which was published on the University Website?
If you answered 'No' in the question above, what was the reason?
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Were the requisite courses mounted by your department in your portal?
How did you get information about the self registration at home process?
What challenges did you face during the registration process?
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How did you resolve the challenges encountered during the self registration process?
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Did you have an avenue to ask for help during the self registration process?
How helpful were your Departmental Administrators in helping you with the self registration process? Where 1 is least helpful and 5 is very helpful.
Least helpful
Very helpful
Were you able to access the e-resources (brochures, video tutorial etc) provided for the self registration process?
How helpful were the e-brochures (1= least helpful and 5 = very helpful)
Least helpful
Very helpful
How helpful were the instructional video (1= least helpful and 5 = very helpful)
Least helpful
Very helpful
How helpful were the other instructional documents (1= least helpful and 5 = very helpful)
Least helpful
Very helpful
Was the duration for the self registration adequate?
Comparing the 2nd Semester Self Registration to the 1st Semester's Assisted Registration exercise, which would you prefer?
How easy was it to access your student portal
Very Easy
How often do you access your portals?
How easy is it for you to reset your Student portal pasword when you forget it?
Very Hard
Very Easy
What suggestions or recommendations would you give for improving the registration exercise subsequently?
Your answer
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