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Independently operated, A Hitch To The Sticks Festival (AHTTS) works with Partners to bring our festival to life and enables artists, venues and audiences have a world first VIP experience. We are proud to hold our position as a big contributor to the cultural vibrancy of regional areas and we love sharing this with our family of AHTTSF Partners who help make it all possible.

Partnership with AHTTS is a positive brand alignment that enables businesses to reach target audiences through exciting, non-traditional marketing channels and bespoke opportunities. We’re all about collaboration – it’s called a ‘Partnership’ right?! We collaborate with brands that share our core values of inclusiveness, cultural diversity, risk-taking and fun!


"The Rural City of Wangaratta was proud to host ‘A Hitch to the Sticks Festival’ in March & October in 2018.
A key feature of this year’s festival was the curation and programming of our annual event, Down by the River, where the team behind ‘A Hitch to the Sticks’ sourced a diverse program of local and nationally renowned artists, highlighting the talent in the North East Victoria and providing an avenue to widen audiences.

The involvement of ‘A Hitch to the Sticks’ resulted in:
 Significant increase in the number of attendees at the festival (from 2,500 in 2017 to 4,000 this year)
 An estimated $392,000 injected into the local economy from the Down by the River program alone (Source: Remplan)
 Expansion of the musical program at the festival from 2 acts to 6
 Significant exposure of local artists to new audiences.
 Increased direct spend for event vendors and local suppliers
 Promotion of other events across the north east of Victoria"



"We saw partnering with the festival, a great opportunity to not only create a brand alignment that supports the values of our business, but to also support our current Collarts students in a way that would educate and encourage them to partake in a world first event, gaining hands on experience. "


"AHTTS came to Moyhu Hotel brining fun, live music and visitors! The benefits for the King Valley range include personal wellbeing, community connections and economic boost."


All our partnerships are tailored to specifically address each individual Partner’s key business objectives. We provide an array of B2B, client & staff engagement opportunities, strategic marketing campaigns, activation opportunities and a variety of benefits to ensure our collaboration is a success.

Our Partnerships Team give unparalleled service to ensure we’re finding new and creative ways to make Partners brands shine all year round.

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