Adoptee Testing 2016
A survey to collect information about the results of DNA test-taking by adoptees in 2015 or 2016. The survey is intended only for adoptees that took an autosomal DNA test at 23andMe, AncestryDNA, or Family Tree DNA.


By providing answers below, you are agreeing that the information you submit (which is not identifying) can be analyzed and publicly shared.

Are You an Adoptee?
When Did you First Receive Your DNA Test Results?
At Which Company Did You Take an Autosomal DNA Test?
When You FIRST Received Your Results, What Was Your Closest Match? (If you don't yet know the exact relationship, please provide the approximate company prediction, or the most likely relationship based on total shared cM).
Did You Identify one or both Biological Parents, or one or more Siblings or Half-Siblings, as a Result of DNA Testing?
Did you receive assistance from a search angel?
Are You Still Actively Looking For Your Biological Family?
From What Country Were You Adopted?
Do You Have Any Comments to Add?
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