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My tests are conducted on Facebook, in my Facebook tester group. You need to have a Facebook account to become a tester.
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This is for the protection of the designer from individuals looking to get a free pattern without testing. The invoices will be issued via PayPal. If you answer no, you will not be selected to test.
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Post a link so I can see your finished projects, please. This is required, my testers MUST post their finished projects.
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Are you able to work graphing in crochet (also called fair-isle or tapestry)? *
I do many patterns that require it and I cannot have a tester who does not know how or like to.
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Are you confident in your ability to check spelling, grammar, the stitch count, size measurement and overall readability of a pattern? (this is a requirement for the testing) *
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(they are REQUIRED and bad lighting cellphone photos could result in you not testing again)
Are you goal orientated and able to finish testing on time? *
Most of my tests last about a week unless it's a larger project. If you fail to complete a test more than once, you will be removed from my group. Are you willing to work within those conditions? *
Can you communicate clearly any problems you find with the pattern? *
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Rules: no reselling the pattern, distributing the pattern in any way or create a pattern for distribution based on my design. You can, however, sell the finished item you make from the pattern, but you must credit www.divinedebris.com with the original pattern. You can post photos of your finished work on Facebook but you cannot do it until the pattern is released and it must have a link and credit given to Divine Debris. Any tester who fails to finish testing the pattern in the specified time, without prior agreement with me, will be invoiced with the cost of the pattern and you will not be used again. For any reason, if you are unable to complete the test, you will be charged for the pattern. *
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