2020-2021 POWER New Senator Application
Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of POWER (Protesting Oppression With Educational Reform)!

POWER is a student task force, comprised entirely of students of color, formed to address the apparent and overwhelming need for increased cultural competency amongst Emerson community members. Fundamentally, we exist to keep our community accountable for issues of diversity, inclusion and social justice. POWER is overseen by two co-chairs and an associate chair, and is comprised of senators for each of Emerson's academic departments, as well as senators for accessibility and interdisciplinary programs, and POWER correspondents.

Essentially, the responsibility of department senators is to make themselves available for students in their department to provide information and support, and to communicate consistently with the relevant faculty and administration about POWER’s mission and goals as it relates to diversity, inclusion and equity on Emerson's campus. The accessibility senator is responsible for these same things, but more specifically as it relates to Emerson community members with disabilities. The interdisciplinary senator's focus is on areas that fall outside specific academic departments, such as Emerson's liberal arts minor programs, and stand-alone academic programs within the college's various Schools. The POWER correspondent is largely tasked with managing the POWER blog and other general communications from POWER as an organization to the rest of the Emerson community as a whole. Additionally, as of the Fall of 2018, the position of POWER Commissioner exists in the Student Government Association to serve as a liaison between POWER and SGA.

POWER Senators are dedicated, reliable, collaborative, and passionate about changing the culture and policies of Emerson College to be fully representative and inclusive of the experience of each individual student, both within and outside the classroom. It is important to note being a member of POWER is often time consuming and emotionally demanding. Please only apply if you are able and willing to dedicate the amount of time necessary to the cause.

Please feel free to reach out to co-chairs Eryn McCallum and Max Boone by email (ecpowerchair@gmail.com) if you have ANY questions, comments or concerns about the position, application, or anything else relating to POWER and the work we do.

We hope to be in touch soon!
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