PHS/PALMS Student Satisfaction Survey Comprehensive Plan 2020-23
As we begin the Comprehensive Planning process at Palisades School District, it is imperative that we obtain input from our students. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. The information you provide will help us in making decisions regarding our Comprehensive Plan that will be used to guide our district through 2023. Thank you for your time and attention.
Which school do you attend? *
In what grade are you currently enrolled? *
I consider my school to be an excellent school. *
I feel that my school sets high expectations for academic achievement. *
I receive the support I need at school. *
My school offers me adequate opportunities to explore areas of interest outside of the core content. *
I am kept up-to-date on school activities and events. *
My schoolwork is interesting and is preparing me for what I might do after high school graduation. *
Teachers give me feedback on my academic school work. (Daily=Strongly Agree; Weekly=Agree; Rarely=Disagree; Never=Strongly Disagree) *
I am given an appropriate amount of homework for my grade level. *
Optional school activities are available to me that I am interested in participating in. *
I know how to get school information when I need it. *
Where do you get most of your information about your school? *
If you get most of your school information somewhere else, please specify. *
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I use technology in school to learn at my own pace and in my own way. *
The way my teachers use technology helps me learn. *
My school has prepared me to interact safely with others online. *
I believe that using technology in the classroom is a critical part of my education. *
The discipline policy at my school is fair and effective. *
The staff at school treats me fairly and with respect. *
The school offers me a safe environment to learn. *
My school does an excellent job dealing with bullying. *
I feel welcome and accepted at school. *
I feel comfortable seeking assistance from the staff at my school. *
School policies and practices support my achievement. *
The school's staff is committed to my education. *
School staff is accessible. *
School staff is responsive to students' concerns. *
When I have a problem at school, I know who to talk with there. *
I am involved in the decisions that affect my education. *
The school's buildings and grounds are properly maintained and clean. *
Transportation services provided are adequate and suit my needs. *
I would recommend my school to a new friend who just moved into the area. *
My school is well regarded in the community. *
I am proud of my school. *
The students at school treat me fairly and with respect. *
I know what to do if I see or hear someone being bullied. *
I know what to do in the case of a school emergency such as a fire, an intruder, or a threat against my school. *
The students at school treat one another fairly and with respect. *
I feel like I belong at school. *
Overall, what grade would you give to your school for its performance? *
Why did you choose this grade for your school? *
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Is there anything else that you would like for us to know? *
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