Red Soil Nature Play Summer Camp
In the Spring at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt - Margaret Atwood

About Red Soil Nature Play
Red Soil Nature Play is an environment designed to provide young children with a nurturing space where they can immerse themselves in nature, wonder, explore, discover, connect and experience a sense of place and belonging with the natural surroundings.

At Red Soil Nature Play, children can run wild and free. They can climb trees, jump on rocks and boulders, play with water from a stream, make mud pies in the mud kitchen, stomp their feet in a mud pool, hang around butterflies and birds, water plants, run through tunnels, or just day dream.

Red Soil Nature Play is a not a park or a farm or an activity centre.

At Nature Play Summer Camp, Children will experience Play in its truest sense.

Highlights of the Camp
* Self-Directed Play
* Sync with Nature
* Natural play materials
* A nourishing environment
* Nature based Story-telling
* Explore Plants & Trees
* Make Seed Balls
* Create Nature Art

The Charges:
Rs.3000/- (including organic healthy snacks)

Venue :
Red Soil Nature Play,

Date & Time: April 6th - 16th, April 20th- 30th, 9.30am - 12.00pm
Saturday & Sunday Holiday

To Register, Please do fill the form; If you have any questions call - 63 64 55 0003
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