Lizzy's Animal Hospice Adopt- Foster Form
Please fill in the form below to let us know if you would like to either adopt or foster a senior. We look forward to talking to you.
Please be sure to indicate what you would like to do in the "adopt or foster" box . Use the comment box at the end of the form to add anything you would like us to know.
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How will you exercise dog and what activities will you share? *
What will you do with dog when you go on vacation? *
If you move, what will you do with dog? *
Are you willing to take responsibility for dog for 10 years or more? *
Are you aware of the cost of caring for a dog or older dog each year (vet care, licensing, food, toys, training, elder care, etc. minimum $500)? *
What heartworm preventative will you use? *
What steps will you take to control fleas? *
If you are unable to care for dog, who will accept responsibility for dog’s care? *
What type of vehicle will you transport dog in? If truck, where will dog be in the truck? *
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