MarineVerse 2020 - virtual reality sailing
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Why MarineVerse?
Why are you interested in VR sailing? What is the main use? Is your interest mostly personal or are you representing a sailing club or a organisation?
Why are you interested in virtual reality sailing in 2020?
MarineVerse 2020 focus
What is 1 improvement/feature you would like to see from MarineVerse in 2020? ( What is the most important to you? )
Your VR usage & hardware
Do you own VR hardware?
Are you planning to buy VR in 2020?
How often are you using VR?
How often are you using sailing in VR?
What MarineVerse products have you tried?
Your sailing experience
How often are you sailing in real life?
Satisfaction with MarineVerse and VR sailing
On a scale of zero to ten, how likely are you to recommend MarineVerse product to a friend or colleague?
Extremely unlikely
Extremely likely
Clear selection
Please help us understand, why did you pick that specific number?
What was your highlight in virtual reality sailing in 2019? Why?
Anything else you would like to share with MarineVerse team?
About you
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