[Nov. 19] A Class Field Trip
Dear Parents,

This is a form to ask you about your choices regarding the A Class Field Trip.
We are scheduling to go to the Shiki Theater (劇団四季) to watch Aladdin. The only concern is about the time, and we would like to know your choice for this day.

* This applies to Online Students who may want to join for the Field Trip.

Date: November 19 (Thu), 2020

Schedule: The students will practice for the winter performance in the morning, eat their lunch earlier than usual, and head to the theater. We will take the students at around Lunch Time in order to arrive to the theater by 13:20.

The play begins at around 13:40 and will end at around 16:40, including breaks. We expect to get back to school at around 15:20. If you would like your child to go home directly from the theater, please consult us separately.

If you would not like your child to be as late this day, we have an alternative to go to the aquarium with the other Primary classes. The students for that field trip will be back to school by around 15:00. These students will be dismissed at their usual time.

Given this information, please Select one of the options:

[1. My child will go to the Shiki Theater (劇団四季)]
[2. My child will go to the Aquarium]
[3. My child will be absent for this day]

In order to purchase the correct number of tickets, please reply to this form by: October 26 (Mon)
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