ACCDC Nomination Form
I would like to place my name in nomination to be a member of the Athens-Clarke County Democratic Committee.
I understand if I am elected, I will be filling a position whose term begins upon election and runs either through 2018 or 2020 (dependent on the position).
I affirm that I am registered to vote in Clarke County.
I understand that membership dues are $12/year and that no member will be denied participation for failure to pay.
I understand that I will be asked to volunteer at least four hours per month, and I will honor this commitment.

Alternates: Current ACCDC structure provides for 2 alternate members from each district who may act in the absence of regular members from that district and thus will be counted toward achieving quorum. In the event that all members from a given district are in attendance for a meeting, alternate members may participate but will not vote nor be counted toward achieving a quorum.

A nominee must be present for two meetings, the second meeting at which she or he will be voted on through secret ballot.

IF a vacancy (either for member or for alternate), you will be contacted about having your name placed in nomination.
For further information, contact the Vice Chair for Membership Marlene Koncewicz (

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