2020 Out Shop Cancer Blogger Application
Thank you for your interest in Blogging for the 2020 Out Shop Cancer Shopping Event - and official Strides Campaign the American Cancer Society in Second Life with proceeds going to support breast cancer research and programs & services for breast cancer survivors. The Out Shop Cancer Shopping event will run the entire month of October 2020, October 1 - October 31 and includes both main store and a marketplace merchants.


All official Out Shop Cancer Bloggers required to:
1. Please feature content from the Out Shop Cancer Event at least THREE times during the month of October. Using multiple items per post is fine.
2. In addition, Please feature specific information about the event in one post right before it opens or the day it opens.
3. Please link to our website (http://www.outshopcancersecondlife.com/) on your Blog.
4. Please provide slurls for the event in each blog entry and credit to the creators.
5. MUST tag our event Blog Manager - Kammie2 resident on Facebook & Flickr posts.
5. Join our Flickr group (https://www.flickr.com/groups/makingstrideswalk-secondlife) and like us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/stridessl/) if you use these social media platforms.
6. Spam your posts via any social media platforms you use. Tag the Strides Campaigns and/ or American Cancer Society in SL official page if available.
7. Share your posts in related American Cancer Society in Second Life groups in-world and across other platforms.

All Blogging Applications will be considered if you meet the following criteria:
1. You have been blogging for more than 3 months and blog on a frequent basis ie., once or twice a week.
2. Your blog photos are of high quality, tasteful and represent the product that you are blogging well.
3. Your blog photos are accompanied by a creative narrative and item details including Second Life links to stores.
4. Your blog is easily Searchable and the date in which you blogged is clearly visible.

Out Shop Cancer and all Making Strides events proceeds will go directly to the American Cancer Society to fund research to improve breast cancer screenings and treatments and programs and services to support breast cancer patients/ survivors such as Reach To Recovery that connects current breast cancer patients with trained breast cancer survivor mentors. We greatly appreciate all of the generosity of all those supporting this charitable cause.

For questions or more information, please contact Kammie2 Resident, SavannahRaye or Sandie Loxingly.
Again, thank you for applying to take part in this epic event!

Please complete the questions below to apply to be part of the 2020 Out Shop Cancer Blogging team:
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We ask bloggers to feature content from this event at least THREE times during the month of October, to do a feature blog entry about the event, to link our blog on the front page and to provide SLurls and to always keep in mind the charitable cause behind this event. Are you able to do that?
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