Sacred Places Initiative - Individual Project Report
Two hundred-and-two years ago, Joseph Smith made his way into a forest near his home to seek clarity and ended up having a vision that was the basis for the later founding of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Particularly through the pandemic, many of us have found our own sacred places near our homes that have given us peace, clarity, gratitude, and rejuvenation.

As we care for the Creation we feel closer to God, and we can sense that our efforts are pleasing. Showing respect and appreciation for our resources is not only about being obedient to gospel principles, it is also a sign that we understand our intrinsic connection to all forms of life.

We appreciate your participation in the Sacred Places Initiative. We believe the goal of providing service projects is a lofty challenge wrapped in spiritual blessings. You are making a real difference in your community and we are excited to hear your story!

If you would be willing to help us inspire others by sharing your story, please email pictures you would like included to: chloe@ldsearthstewardship. We would love it if you would post your work on social media and tag us. Please feel free to include the hashtag #LetsDoService so we can find and share your post.

Thank you for helping us care for the Creation!
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