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The Catholic Church suggests the following: a sponsor must be a practicing, confirmed Catholic that is at least sixteen years old. He/she may not be the candidate’s mother or father. A godparent is typically a good choice, but not required. The candidate is encouraged to choose someone who lives close by. The sponsor should be a person who is open, dependable, loving and is comfortable sharing her or his faith with young people.

The sponsor represents the support and prayers of the entire Church. He/she will be the candidate’s “spiritual mentor” and support throughout the sacrament. The role of sponsor can be hard to define, since there are no set guidelines. However, a great resource can be found from the Center for Ministry Development. Visit this website for more info:

Some things we expect from sponsors:
-Attend the Liturgy of Confirmation and present the candidate to the presiding Bishop.
-Meet with the candidate regularly throughout this year.
-Share your faith story with your candidate.
-Spend time getting to know the candidate, possibly taking him or her out to lunch or dinner, or having her or him over to your home.
-Pray for and with the candidate on a regular basis.
-Continue to support the candidate after the Confirmation ceremony is over.

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