Minor Track Preference 2024 - 2025
  Over the three years that students are enrolled at The Police Officer Rocco Laurie Intermediate School 72, students are required to take a variety of Minor Track classes to meet the Academic Requirements for Grades 6 – 8. These academic requirements include:
-    Two terms, covering at least two of the following Arts (Beginning Band, Beginning Dance, Music Enterprise, Musical Theater, Studio Art, etc.)
-    Two terms, covering at least two of the following Technology courses (Business Computers, Coding, Lego Robotics, Stem, etc.)
-    Two terms at the school’s discretion (any of the above mentioned minors that have not yet been completed or any school – offered programs)
Directions: Please review the following list of minor track courses that will be offered for the 2024 - 2025 school year (pending funding). Upon review, please indicate your order of preference for the Arts Classes and Technology classes by indicating 1 (first choice) through 3 (third choice). Descriptions for all of the courses have been provided below. Students will rotate through these courses over their three years at I. S. 72 in no particular order.

Arts Courses:
Beginning Band: The Beginning Band class gives an opportunity for students with minimal to no prior experience in a school band program to begin the process of learning a concert band instrument. Students learn to read music and develop foundational instrumental technique that can be applied to areas such as musical performance, composition, and improvisation.

Beginning Dance: This class is designed for the beginning student who in interested in improving his/her movement skills. Students will focus on a wide range of vocabularies, structures, and techniques that encompass the art of dance. We will be exposed to various dance styles, their history, and their movement. Lectures and dance video viewings will embellish the class work.

Music Theater: Musical Theatre Class will focus on applying and bringing together the disciplines of singing, acting, and dancing, to strengthen and develop theatre skills including theatre movement, partnering, improvisation, character development and chorus singing. Each semester, the Musical Theatre classes strengthen these elements by performing a variety of Broadway song selections interpreting it both musically and dramatically, then creating staging and choreography for a performance.  This class will be an excellent opportunity for students to prepare for High School or community theatre auditions as well as developing confidence and stage presence in young performers.

Studio Art: A general art class that introduces students to the art studio. Students will learn about the artist’s tools and begin using them. They will learn about the seven elements of art and incorporate them into their abstract, geometric, still life, cartoon, and impressionistic creations. Students will begin to look at potential art careers and explore the relevance of art in historical culture. Students may choose to submit artwork into our annual art show.

School Initiatives:
Bulldog Courtroom: Bulldog Courtroom will also students to look at topics from multiple perspectives and gain information through multiple viewpoints. Students will participate in mock trials and study the legal process of the United States. Students will have the opportunity to analyze various court cases through a variety of materials. 

Leadership: Leadership is a minor track class based on SEL (Social Emotional Learning). The purpose of this class is to teach students 21st century leadership and life skills and to create a culture of student empowerment based on the idea that every child can be a leader. Through this class students will acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand/manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, establish and maintain positive relationships, and enact responsible decision making.

Yoga & Mindfulness: Students will have the opportunity to develop a variety of techniques that will allow them to coordinate one’s mind and body. During the course, students will increase balance, coordination, improve posture, reduce anxiety and stress, improve concentration, and develop one’s self-control.  The class will acquaint students with essential yoga postures

Business Computers: Utilizing Microsoft Office Suite, students will create documents in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher and web design. Upon completion, students will develop necessary skills to function in real world job situations, organize information, solve problems, and develop an understanding of the impact of technology.

Coding: Students will use computational thinking to think creatively, reason and work collaboratively to solve problems, design projects, and communicate ideas with peers. Using various programs such as Scratch, Tynker, Codesters, and Code.org, students will use multiple coding languages like Block Coding, Java Script, Python and HTML to organize and analyze data and use algorithmic thinking to code.

Digital Art: Students will explore many facets of digital arts through Google Slides and Adobe software. Students will have the opportunity to create art, imagery, and positive messages. Art products created in this class will be used throughout the school environment. 

Lego Robotics: LEGO Robotics is a hands-on, project-based learning practice based on EV3 LEGO Robotics kits. These EV3 Robotics kits are packed with materials that enable individuals without formal training in engineering and computer programming to design, build, and program small scale robots. Students will learn how to mount and code sensors to enhance their robot’s performance. The use of sensors creates the ability for these robots to detect their surroundings, and reach based on the commands they are given. Classes will have the opportunity to challenge one another with battle bots, build and code their favorite animals, and compete in race car races.

Stem: This class will explore real-world problems through the use of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Students will have an opportunity to use hands-on activities along with open-ended exploration. Students are encouraged to cultivate their own thoughts, objects, and structures through a variety of innovative approaches.

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