Rockville High School Summer Reading- 10th grade
Read a Book from the 2021 Nutmeg Nominee List
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Do you like mysteries? Are you always the one who is trying to figure out “who dunnit”? Well if you can answer yes, then this means that The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin is the book for you! It is the unfortunate demise of billionaire Sam Westing that forces sixteen people to come together and experience the game of their lives. This unlikely group is forced to follow clues to figure out who among them is the MURDERER of Sam Westing. While following them along this crazy adventure, the reader gets a chance to understand the lives of each one of these characters and why they were selected to play this very unorthodox game. This novel is truly character driven and the author does a fantastic job of revealing the inner thoughts and feelings of each character as they play this very dangerous game. The book grabbed my interest from the very start. However, it takes time for the story to develop, so it requires the reader to have patience with the story. All in all, The Westing Game is a story that truly is unlike any other you have ever read. Once you start this novel, you definitely will not be able to put it down. ★★★★★
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