DeafBlind oppression in Deaf Community
I am doing a survey on DeafBlind oppression in the Deaf Community for my Thesis. The research is to see the views from DeafBlind and Deaf individuals in regards to DeafBlind people's role in the Deaf community. This study asks if DeafBlind people fit into the Deaf community. The survey takes around 10 minutes. Please don’t add your name on the survey as it is confidential. If you are interested in the survey, please go ahead and fill out the survey. You can respond to the survey through the email. Once you filled out the survey, it will automatically alert me without identifying who you are. Contact me to discuss or ask any questions about the survey in person by emailing me at . It has been approved by IRB.

This survey is now closed as I have enough respond almost 6o replies. Many thanks for your time.

Thank you for your participation.

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