Beach Cleanup Digital Data Card
Thank you for joining the Surfrider Newport Beach Chapter in keeping the ocean, waves and beaches clean! Please email with any questions. Remember to stay safe and follow all local and state laws.
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If you cleaned an area that wasn't the beach or shoreline, please describe or name location of your inland cleanup. GPS coordinates are appreciated!
Length of Shoreline cleaned in Miles (please measure via google maps for accuracy)
Cleanup Duration in Hours *
Total Number of Volunteers Including Yourself: *
Weighing your trash on a scale is ideaI. If you do not have a scale, please guesstimate the total Weight in lbs (Trash & Recycling): *
How is this cleanup organized: DIY, Surfrider Chapter organized (please list any Co-organizers!):
What type of cleanup is this? *
Items collected - limited time
If you have limited time to fill out this data card, please use this section to input how many and what kind of each item of trash you picked up. You can scroll to the end and submit this survey afterwards.
What kind of items did you pick up and how many of each?
Items collected - extended section
If you have more time, please help us with the following details of each category of item and how many of each was picked up. Detailed data on items collected helps our advocacy work for plastic pollution in the short and long term.
Cigarette Butts
Plastic Bottles (Beverage)
Plastic Bags (Shopping / Grocery)
Plastic Straws
Plastic Forks, Knives, Spoons
Plastic Cups
Foam Cups
Foam Take-Out Food Containers
Plastic Lids (Yogurt Lids, Coffee Lids, etc.)
Plastic Food Wrappers (Candy, Chip Bags, etc.)
Foam fragments larger than a dime
Foam fragments smaller than a dime
Plastic fragments larger than a dime
Plastic fragments smaller than a dime
Nurdles (small pre-production plastic pellets)
Disinfectant wipes
Latex Gloves
Sing-Use Masks with Filter (N-95, etc.)
Reusable Cloth Mask
Reusable Gloves
Single-use Surgical Mask
Other COVID-19 Related Items (Please Specify)
6-Pack Holders
Plastic Bags (other: zip-lock, trash, etc)
Plastic Bottle Caps & Rings
Juice Boxes
Plates (foam)
Plates (plastic)
Plastic Stirrers
Take-Out Food Containers (plastic)
Plastic Cigarette Lighters
Plastic Cigar TIps
Plastic Tobacco Packaging/Wrap
Vape cartridges
Single-use weed containers
Tampons/Tampon Applicators
Bait Bags/Containers
Fishing Line (1 yard = 1 piece)
Light Sticks
Pots and Traps
Rope (1 yard = 1 piece)
Plastic Bottles (non-beverage like bleach, cleaners, oil, etc)
Foam Coolers
Shotgun wads
Plastic Film/Wrapper (non-food or unknown)
Zip Ties
Dog poop bags
Other Plastic Items
Paper Bags
Paper Cigarette Boxes
Paper Cups
Paper/Wood Fragments/Pieces
Paper Napkins
Paper Plates
Paper Straws
Paper Take-Out Food Containers
Treated Wood (i.e. pallets; NOT driftwood)
Wood Coffee/Drink Stirrers
Other Paper/Wood Items
Metal Bottle Caps
Aluminum Cans (beverage)
Cans (other metal)
Metal Fragments
Other Metal Items
Glass Bottles (beverage)
Other Glass Items
Other Rubber/Latex Items
Write-In Items: If you collected data on items that do not fit into the categories on the previous screens, please describe the items and quantities here.
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