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How Not to Save a Sandcastle
Gavin and Lily were working hard on their sand castle. They decorated it with shells. They built towers and doors. Their castle was gigantic!

Lily built a high wall to protect the sand castle from the wind. Gavin said he thought the wall would stop people from accidentally stepping on the castle and smashing it.

People walked by and said nice things about the sand castle. Lily and Gavin’s mom took a photograph of it. Then she said it was time for lunch. Lily and Gavin ran with their mom to the snack bar. “We will finish our castle when we get back,” they said.

After lunch, the children went back to the beach. But where was the sand castle? Did the wind blow it down? Did someone step on it?

Lily and Gavin’s mom explained what had happened. The ocean waves had moved up the beach. The rise and fall of the big waves had pushed water farther up onto the shore and the sand. The water must have washed away their castle.

“Some of our shells are scattered around here,” said Lily. “We should build another sand castle.”
“Okay,” Gavin agreed. “Let’s get started!”

How do Gavin and Lily feel when they learn that their sand castle has been washed away?
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