ALA's "Call to Action Unit"
Recent acts of military, cyber and diplomatic aggression by Russia in Ukraine and elsewhere translate into an existential threat to Baltics—and, more broadly, all of Europe. NATO is the cornerstone that ensures security against Russian aggression in the Baltics. We as Americans need to ensure that Congress and the White House protect U.S. interests in the Baltics and Europe by promoting ironclad and unequivocal support of NATO, as well as robust and stable partnership between the U.S. and its Baltic allies.

Call to Action UNIT

The American Latvian Association (ALA) is establishing a group called the Call to Action UNIT. The UNIT's goal is to inform U.S. Government-elected officials and policy makers about American interests in the Baltics, especially on matters of defense and security to protect U.S. interests there on a bi-partisan basis.

Over the next 12 months, ALA's UNIT Management Team will identify, develop and issue 4 strategic Calls to Action, such as providing information to members of Congress about legislation key for NATO support, urging Congress members to join the Baltic Caucus, sending thanks to officials for their NATO/Baltic leadership, etc.

We seek participants for the UNIT, each of whom is COMMITTED to acting on our strategic Calls to Action.

While political and military events often require immediate response, we know that not everyone can commit to participating quickly on a consistent basis. We will make it easy and straightforward for participants to act on each Call to Action, providing necessary information, sample correspondence and contacts.

If you are concerned about Baltic security and ready to educate American politicians and elected officials on Baltic-related matters, please, sign up for ALA’s “Call to Action Unit”:

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