Family Futures Survey
We believe that our children were harmed unnecessarily and evidence is now there to prove it.  Due to complexities in the justice system regarding limitations, legal aid and old cases it has become almost impossible for most people born before 2004 to achieve redress.  There are possible alternatives if government choose to pursue them.  This survey is designed to look at what our children and our families want, what our priorities are.  This information means we can get a better picture of what people want and will guide our group strategy.

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Whats important to you (1is most important, 5 is least important)
I want my child to live a financially independent life
I want him to reach his full potential
I want her to manage her own money
Private medical care
Quick access to NHS services
Private social care
Lifelong PIP and associated benefits
Regular full health checkups from specialists who understand his condition
Contribute to society
Reach full potential
I want social services to manage his money
I want social services to manage his care
I want friends and or family members to manage his money in an individual Trust arrangement funded through a compensation scheme
I want friends and or family members to manage his care I'm an individual Trust funded through a compensation scheme
I want you to ask her what she wants and ignore me!
I want an organised compensation scheme to be set up such as Thalidomide or VCJD, which will pool resources to run my support and finance jointly. This ensures security by can cost of around 1/3 of any compensation received. It would involve a panel of professional Trustees and experts and pooled investments and financial advice. It would involve an initial lump sum.
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Who do you think should pay for the harm done
Any other comments
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