Transdisciplinary Research Evaluation: from Methodological Challenges to Indicator Definition
One Health (OH) initiatives are, by their nature, transcending disciplines, sectors, institutions and cultures. Facilitating knowledge integration is thus one of their core challenges. This core challenge is what OH has in common with transdisciplinary research in climate change and adaptation, energy transitions, and international development. NEOH’s approach to advance consensus on evaluation standards by networking among key professionals and emphasis on case studies has likewise been adopted among several semi-public German think tanks in these quickly evolving fields, and several large projects are currently being funded. Therefore, there is arguably much to learn from each other.

We therefore invite to a joint 2-day workshop with key representatives from these fields and institutions to exchange approaches and experiences. Participating institutions are NEOH, ETH Zurich's TdLab, the Institute of Social-Ecological Research (ISOE), the Institute of Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS), and possibly others. This workshop aims at bringing these initiatives together. Its objectives are mutual networking, an exchange of experiences, and in-depth discussion of the different methodological approaches, their underlying assumptions and the derived indicator systems.

The workshop will take place on June 22nd – 23rd at ETH Zurich’s Transdisciplinarity Lab. The workshop was granted during the recent NEOH management committee meeting in Malta, provided final approval of the Network on the Evaluation of One Health’s next budget period by the European Union’s Cost Management office (expected in May). If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Martin Hitziger (

If you are interested to participate, we ask you save the date and to fill in this form. Total number of participants is restricted to 20, with approximately half of them from the NEOH network. In case the we need to select among applicants, we will apply the criteria expressed in the questions below. A final number of participants will be determined upon receiving information on the workshop budget. Formal invitation and details for organization will follow, after formal approval. Reimbursement will follow regular COST procedures. We will come back to you in due time.

Dates: June 22th (full day), June 23th (until mid afternoon).
Location: Transdiciplinarity Lab, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Thursday, June 22nd: Presentations by all participants. Suggested topics to be covered:
o Your field, background and network.
o Core challenges that you see in evaluating transdisciplinary initiatives.
o Methodological approaches and indicator systems you suggest to tackle these challenges.
Friday, June 23rd: Integration Workshop.
o Introduction of workshop method (1 hour): Facilitated group modelling for interactive knowledge integration.
o Application of workshop method (5 hours): Synthesizing similarities and differences between approaches.

o Enlarged network
o Understanding a soft group modelling approach for knowledge integration
o Joint understanding of evaluation in transdisciplinary initiatives
o Conceptualization of commonalities and differences across fields
o Possibly a joint paper

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