50 Best Firms In India For Data Scientists To Work For – 2023
The list provides insightful data on India-based firms that offer a conducive environment for data scientists to learn and grow.

We are reaching out to hundreds of employers across India to understand the inner workings of organisations in creating an exemplary work environment for data scientists. The survey will assess each company’s strengths and benefits across five parameters: Learning & Support, Productivity & Engagement, Benefits & Wellbeing, Rewarding Excellence, and Diversity & Inclusion.

Please share the nominations on behalf of your organisation here. Ensure that you have full authority to submit this information on behalf of your organisation.

Please note:
- The 50 Best Firms In India For Data Scientists To Work For will be a ranking of the top 50 nominations that we receive.
- This is an employer level survey. Please submit just one response per organisation.
- Firms who have submitted their nominations will not be intimated about the results beforehand.
- If your firms makes it to the 50 best firms, AIM will not take down your name of your firm once the list is published.
- For any clarifications/queries, reach out to info@analyticsindiamag.com.
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Employee & Organisation Details
Please enter the details of the company and the person responsible for the form. AIM may contact this person in case of any clarifications or communication.
Name of the Organisation *
Name of the Contact Person *
Designation of the Contact Person *
Email ID of the Contact Person *
Please provide your official email address. Applications with personal email IDs (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc) will not be accepted.
Phone number of the Contact Person *
Please give a brief about analytics & data science in your organisations. *
Max 200 words.
Learning & Support
This section consider the different initiatives, avenues, and infrastructure made available by the company for their data scientists to learn and grow at their job.
1. What is the total number of mandatory hours that data scientists go through hard skill training/upskilling in a year? *
2. List the infrastructure that data scientist can avail at work (e.g., multi-cloud computing capability, GPU and DGX machines etc.) *
3. External engagements like hackathons, conferences etc. *
4. Platform that your data scientists can access to present, influence, and learn. *
5. Do you have any specific mentorship programmes? *
If yes, write about it in 100 words.
Productivity & Engagement
This section analyses the organisations ability to engage and retain their data science talent and improve the overall productivity.
1. What is your annual attrition rate? *
2. % of growth in analytics/data science in the last 12 months. *
Enter the percentage growth in the number of professionals in your analytics/data science function
3. The average tenure of a data scientist at your organisation. *
4. % of Absenteeism in your data science teams *
Divide total absent days or non-PTOs by total working days in a year.
5. New Hire 90-Day Failure Rate - % of new hires that leave within 90 days. *
6. % of employees recruited via internal employee referrals. *
Benefits & Well-being
This section analyses the organisation's interest in the overall wellbeing of their employees based on the different company policies.
1. Do you provide health insurance benefits to your data science teams? *
2. How much paid off leave can an employee avail in a year? *
Enter the number of days
3. List the Flexi-benefits that you offer (like wfh etc.) *
4. No. of days as mandatory time offs in a year. *
 Rewarding Excellence
This section explores the different initiatives undertaken by the organisation to keep their data scientist's motivated and ensure they get the right feedback to grow in their professional careers.
1. On average, what was the median hike (as % of total salaries) that was given to data science teams last year? *
2. How often during the year do you reward the best performers? *
Please mention details of the reward cash prize, vouchers, etc in 100 words
3. Do you have 360-degree feedback? *
4. List all the team building activities that you take up each year. *
Diversity & Inclusion
This section inspects the different D&I initiatives undertaken by the organisation to ensure and encourage an inclusive work environment.
1. List your women to men ratio for data science teams. *
2. List various diversity-related initiatives that you took last year. *
3. % of women in senior management? *
Information provided in this questionnaire by the organisation will be an affirmation to participate in the study. The organisation accepts full responsibility for the information provided and that it is in its true form. Analytics India Magazine reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to take decisions with respect to the final results of the study,  after detailed research and analysis. The decision taken by AIM will be final. AIM will not be answerable to the organisations about the methodology followed, and the results deduced by it.
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