#USvsHate Submission
Educators are invited to upload and submit students’ #USvsHate anti-hate messages in any media. Students can also submit their own with parent permission. For students under 18, parent/guardian permission is required for any entry submitted with a student’s name on it. See the “Submit” tab on usvshate.org for a permission slip educators can use to get that parent permission, as needed.

You can submit #USvsHate messages for potential broader sharing by us, at any time. Any material uploaded before our November and April contest deadlines will automatically be submitted to the upcoming contest.

We will have two #USvsHate contest deadlines in 2018-19: November 16, 2018, and April 26, 2019!

See "Getting Started" on our website: We encourage each participating classroom, club or school to select one or more #USvsHate messages to submit collectively to our #USvsHate contest; it’s your call how many you submit. We suggest that you set up some voting process where students select entries for our #USvsHate message contest. We encourage group submissions that combine student skills!

Winning entries in our bi-annual #USvsHate contest will be amplified via our website and social media, and also made into free posters and stickers for participating classrooms.

#USvsHate anti-hate messages do one of the following:

-explicitly address, explore, and refuse racism, xenophobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, sexism, or other hate forms in schools;
-communicate that people across lines of difference contribute to our communities, regions, and nation;
-bust a myth about a “type of” kid too often misrepresented;
-ask peers to treat peers kindly and respectfully so schools stay safe for learning.

#USvsHate messages can come in any media. We’ll make some winning entries into full-size posters for classrooms; others will become stickers. We’ll share others as videos or memes. A speech into a smartphone camera, a great letter to the editor, a poem, or a school performance can be an #USvsHate message. A potential poster or sticker can be drawn by hand on paper, or created digitally using a phone or computer. Don’t limit your creativity!

Messages can offer powerful words and powerful visual images. You don’t have to be an amazing artist or filmmaker. The real power is the message!

A contest submission should be high quality enough to be reproduced for many.

(Any image submitted for reproduction as a poster or sticker should be high-quality and reproduction-ready: no pencil; no tiny writing; make sure images are clear and not blurry. Those submitting images to be reproduced as posters/stickers can a) draw the final directly into Adobe Illustrator or Google Drawings, or b) scan a paper submission. Ideally, save your entry in “vector” format (with the ending .svg, .eps, or .ai) before sending it to us. This will allow #USvsHate to resize your image without making it look fuzzy.)

Don’t be scared off by technology: in addition to digital images, we encourage hand-drawn images, films made with available smartphones, and even no-tech “messages” like speeches, poems, or letters to the editor submitted in Word.

To be considered for a “Winning” #USvsHate message, the message also must do the following:

-Include the hashtag #USvsHate.
-Be both creative and original. (Use original words and other material. Don’t plagiarize. A design could make a common slogan original, but our preference is new words and ideas. Do not use clips from music, videos, or other media that is copyrighted by others. If you use others’ publicly available material, credit the creator whenever possible.)
-Successfully communicate the #USvsHate message of inclusion, to a group of peers.

No message submitted should be harmful or hateful to others! #USvsHate!

We prefer that you submit using our submission form, but it requires a gmail account. If you don’t have one, just email the form’s information to usvshate@gmail.com, with your submission as an attachment.

Questions? Contact Minh Mai, mlmai@ucsd.edu

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Each student under 18 must have parent/guardian consent to share by name. Messages can also be submitted or shared anonymously.
By "permission," we mean the parent/guardian verified that they have the authority to give permission/consent with respect to the sharing of their child's message.
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#USvsHate will be held harmless for any future issues concerning authority of consenting adults or that of contestants. By submitting this #USvsHate entry, the message creator hereby grants and assigns to #USvsHate the non-exclusive right and permission to use, re-use, publish, re-publish, and otherwise reproduce and display this original message.
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