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中國香港體育協會暨奧林匹克委員會轄下的「香港奧林匹克之友(Hong Kong Olympic Fan Club)」獲民政及青年事務局資助,將於2024年1 月起,舉辦運動「傳.承」計劃(下稱「計劃」),旨在透過一系列體育運動相關的活動,包括運動員分享會、城市及新興運動體驗班、義工培訓及服務、參觀體育設施及訓練場地、大型同樂日等,鼓勵青年發展個人潛能,提升正向思維,同時建立良好的社交技能,增強自信。


fanclub@hkolympic.org 或致電2504 8625 / 2504 8626與我們聯絡。 參加者有責任細閱及清楚了解下述活動條款及細則。 遞交此報名表格後,即表示參加者同意遵守及接受主辦單位的所有活動條款、細則及安排。

"Passing The Torch On", a youth programme organised by the Hong Kong Olympic Fan Club of the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China and subvented by 
The Home and Youth Affairs Bureau, is to commence in January, 2024. The 18-month programme, divided into three phases, offers a variety of sports-related activities, such as athletes sharing sessions, urban sports experience classes, volunteer services, visits to sports and training facilities, a mega fun day, etc., with the objectives to unleash potential and better cultivate positive thinking among young people, as well as to build up their confidence and social skills. Click here (Chinese Only) for more details of the programme.

All youths aged 12-25 are welcome to join. Participants will take part in any of the activities under the programme, completely free of charge, according to their interests and preferences.
Register now by completing the form below. Quotas are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Participants will be offered a welcome pack. Upon completion of the three phases of activities, participants will receive an e-certificate. Please note that most activities will be conducted in Cantonese. For any enquiries, please contact us via fanclub@hkolympic.org or at 2504 8625 / 2504 8626. 

Participants have the responsibility to carefully read and fully understand the following terms and conditions of the programme. By submitting this registration form, it signifies that participants agree to abide by and accept all the terms, conditions, and arrangements set forth by the organiser.

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活動條款及細則 Terms and Condition

1. 參加者須以實名登記,不得轉讓活動名額,否則參加者及替代者均會被取消參加活動的資格。Participants must register with their real names and applications are not transferable, otherwise both the participant and the substitute will be disqualified.

2. 參加者必須確保身體健康狀況適合參加活動,如有疑問,請先行徵詢醫生意見。香港奧林匹克之友在得悉或懷疑的情況下,保留拒絕任何不適宜參加活動之參加者資格的權利。相關人士必須接受香港奧林匹克之友的決定。Participants must ensure that their physical health is suitable for participating in the activities. If in doubt, please consult a doctor beforehand. Hong Kong Olympic Fan Club reserves the rights to reject any participant who is not suitable to take part in the activities. The party concerned must accept the decision by the Hong Kong Olympic Fan Club.

3. 所有活動屬自願參與性質,參加者願意承擔一切風險及責任,並無權向主辦單位包括港協暨奧委會、香港奧林匹克之友,以及其他協辦單位、活動策劃及贊助商/支持機構或人士追討在往返活動場地中途或活動期間發生、或其他原因而引致的自身受傷、意外、死亡或任何形式的損失、索償或相關責任。All activities are voluntary. Participants are willing to bear all risks and responsibilities, and have no right to submit to the organiser, including 
SF&OC and Hong Kong Olympic Fan Club, co-organisers, event planners, sponsors / supporting organisations or persons to recover their own injury, accident, death or any form of loss, claim or related liability that occurred during their travel to and from the activity venues or during the activities.

4. 主辦單位及其協辦單位有權使用任何有關活動之相片、錄像及活動紀錄作任何合法用途,包括媒體報道及宣傳活動。The organiser and co-organisers have the right to use any photos, videos and event records related to the activities for any legal purpose, including media reports and promotional activities.

5. 若參加者在活動期間因任何過失或行為而導致主辦單位需支付額外開支,參加者必須對主辦單位作出合理之賠償和/或補償。If the organiser needs to pay additional expenses due to any negligence or behaviour of the participant during the 
activities, the participant must make reasonable compensation and/or compensation to the organiser.

6. 因應情況,主辦單位保留隨時更改活動詳情的權利。The organiser reserves the rights to change the details of the activities at any time according to the situation.

7. 如有任何爭議,香港奧林匹克之友保留最終解釋及決定權。In case of any dispute, Hong Kong Olympic Fan Club reserves the rights of final interpretation and decision.

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