Glenview Equity Team: We want to hear from you!
The Glenview Equity Team is always seeking ways to include a broader range of voices from more families in the Glenview@Santa Fe community using this online survey. (Paper copies will be available in the front office as well.)

Now that we have settled into our new site for now, the Equity Team wants to check in on how the transition is going for your family? Let us know how you find your information now and also how you meet and connect to other folks in our community. What new opportunities can we take advantage of? Let us know any ideas you have about continuing to build a welcoming community for everyone at our new site.

We'd love to hear from you by May 31, 2017!

Any questions, please email

Overall, how engaged do you feel with the Glenview@Santa Fe community?
Not very engaged at all
Very engaged
Are you comfortable with this level of engagement?
Check ALL of the following activities that you and/or you and your family have attended.
Which of the following activities are you and/or you and your family likely to attend next year?
Your answer
Check ALL of the following activities that you volunteered at
Mark all forms of communication regarding events at Glenview that you read or pay attention to?
What do you value about being in a diverse* community like Glenview?
(*Diverse means folks who are from many different backgrounds and communities including differences in race, ethnicity, family structure, languages spoken at home, level of education, geographic origins, etc. to name only a few.)
Your answer
If you don't participate in events at Glenview, please let us know why.
Please be specific.
Your answer
Please check the boxes for the times and types of activities that you would be more likely to attend at Glenview@Santa Fe.
In the past parents requested specific cohort groupings where folks connect with others who share a social identity (Check all that apply and please add any additional groups that you would like to see)
What ideas do you have for increasing engagement and creating opportunities for folks to meet people in the Glenview@Santa Fe community?
Please be specific.
Your answer
Please let us know how you and your family identify in regards to race/ethnicity:
List all race/ethnicities.
Your answer
Please let us know how what languages are spoken in your home:
List all languages
Your answer
What is the highest level of education represented in your home?
Please let us know how you usually get to school?
Please let us know how far from the school you live?
How many years have your children been at Glenview Elementary School?
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