Alumni of the Year
This year we would like to recognise the different voices, hands and feet of our thousands of graduates who are devoted to furthering God's Kingdom. We would like to encourage our alumni as they continue being a testimony for what God is doing for and in the world with this special initiative.

The qualities that we will be using in order to select our Alumni of the Year are the three building blocks which our institution is founded upon: Faith, Reason and Justice.

Eastern is committed to:

Christ centred, biblically-based, character-forming and gift-affirming faith and would like to commend our graduates who express their faith in vocational living, serving others in their communities and the church.

The pursuit of knowledge and truth and applauds students who not only acquire head knowledge but integrate theory and practice through their life and understand the importance of life-long learning.

Act justly in all human relationships and would like to highlight a graduate who is instilled with a deep desire to be an agent of change in this world and demonstrates that through their life.

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