NY23Votes Community Survey
Let us know how you have been involved and help inform our strategy and planning moving forward by sharing your experience and interests. Thank you so much in advance for your time!
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Of the following ways of supporting efforts to get out the vote and inform voters, which of the following types of action are you most interested in? Please mark all that apply.
Generally, what days/times of the week are best for you to spend time on NY23Votes activities? Please mark all that apply.
What other community action and organizing groups and efforts are you involved with? Please mark all that apply and feel free to note any other organizations or efforts that you feel are relevant.
Which of the following objectives are you most interested in helping NY23Votes to achieve? Note that some of these are not currently core to NY23Votes activities but we would like to consider your perspective moving forward.
Which of the following NY23Votes email/contact objectives would you prefer?
Do you use social media actively? If so, what platforms do you use?
Would you be interested/willing to drive to parts of NY-23 outside of your local residential area to engage in activities?
Did you canvass with us on May 7, 2017?
Did you canvass or table with us on September 24, 2017?
If you took action with us on September 24, 2017, how did you participate? Mark all that apply.
Did you canvass with us on November 5, 2017?
Any comments, suggestions, thoughts, or ideas? We'd love to hear from you!
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