GETCAP Client Satisfaction Survey - Program Year 2021
Program Year 2021
How are we doing?
Greater East Texas Community Action Program (GETCAP) staff is committed to monitoring the products and services we provide as a part of an on- going quality improvement process. We would appreciate your feedback on our performance. All submissions are confidential and will not affect benefits and services received.
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The office was easy to find, well- marked and convenient
The GETCAP office was clean, tidy and comfortable.
I met with staff at or near the time of my appointment.
I didn't have an appointment, but was served in a timely manner.
Staff were courteous, respectful, friendly.
Staff was sensitive to my situation and needs
My need or reason fro my visit/ call was/ will be taken care of by GETCAP
GETCAP could not meet my need(s) but I was referred to other provider(s)
Staff offered information about other services available
GETCAP helps improve the condition in which low income people live
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