Policy 2340 Examiner's/Scribe's Secure Materials and Test Procedures Agreement
I acknowledge that I will have access to secure assessments in the West Virginia Measures of Academic Progress (WV-MAP). I also acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to adhere to WVBOE Policy 2340, including the Testing Code of Ethics, Appendix A, for all assessments within the WV-MAP. I understand that these materials are secure, and it is my professional responsibility to protect their security. I agree to complete each assessment's required training.
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I therefore pledge the following:
I will not keep, copy, reproduce, paraphrase, distribute, or review/discuss secure test materials and/or test items or student responses *
I will not use test items, test booklets/answer sheets, or any of the information contained in an assessment to review/prepare students for a test *
I will not allow access to the test materials or answer keys to any student or any other person not so authorized by the principal *
I will not alter students' responses in any manner (indicate answers, point out rationale, prompt, etc.) *
I will not share my method of authentication, including, but not limited to, my username and password to access any testing platform or student data/results *
I will not disclose individual student test scores or test performance data to unauthorized persons as set forth in FERPA, the Student Data Accessibility, Transparency, and Accountability Act, found in W.VA Code -18-2-5h, Policy 4350, the WVDE Data Access and Management Guidance, and Policy 2340 *
If serving as an examiner for the alternate assessment, i will adhere to the prompting hierarchies and document all applicable assistive technology to ensure the accuracy of student responses *
If serving as an examiner for students with IEPs, SAT plans, Section 504 plans, or ELL Assessment Participation Forms, I will adhere to the accommodations listed therein and monitor using the appropriate process (WV.326) *
If serving as an examiner for an online assessment, I will not offer technical (accessing dictionary, grammar checks, formatting functions, etc.) assistance that might alter the accuracy of student responses in the web-based assessment before, during, or after the administration of the test *
I have read Policy 2340 *
I understand that if a breach of test security or copyright infringement occurs as a direct result of my actions, my license/certification may be suspended or revoked or I may be suspended, terminated, or have other actions taken. *
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