Stormcloud Poets Anthology
Stormcloud Poets is a collection of poems selected by Author E.S. Wynn from submissions sent to Thunderune Publishing. Each issue brings to the forefront both new and established voices in independent and contemporary poetry.

Each issue will be released in paperback and on all of Thunderune Publishing's ebook platforms.

All profits go toward developing new and existing means of increasing exposure for independent and contemporary writers and poets.

*Credit (your name or pen name)
*Web link (if you have one)
*Concise one line biography (under 100 characters, please)

*All forms and styles of poetry are welcome.
*You may submit up to 10 pieces for consideration.
*Only send poetry that was published elsewhere if you have the legal right to do so.

*You should hear back from Thunderune Publishing within two to three weeks.
*Make sure to whitelist [] (without the brackets) and/or check your spam filter daily.
*If your poem is accepted, it will be published in the Stormcloud Poets anthology which is currently open. Your poem will never be removed from the anthology, but you will keep all other applicable rights to your poem and may, of course, feel free to republish it elsewhere.

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