2019 Pagan Bunny Burn Art/Artist/Mutant Vehicle Application
Pagan Bunny Burn Love it's artists!! Thank you for wanting to create and share your ART with us!! Please fill out this application if you plan on bringing and sharing ART to PBB 2019. All Fire artists must fill out an application. All Mutant Vehicles or any type of mutated transportation that carries more then one person must fill out this application. All flame effects must fill out this application. New Artists must purchase a ticket. Return Artists who have filled out the artists application in the past and brought ART are capable of receiving a discount ticket. If you have any questions please email paganbunnyburnart@gmail.com. After we receive your application we will send you confirmation that we received it, and the Team Lead for that ART will be in contact with you. Thank you for participating in Pagan Bunny Burn 2019.
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If you are a returning registered artists what ART have you brought and shared in the past? (Name of ART, Band, Mutant Vehicle or Group, and description please.)
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Please send an image of your ART to paganbunnyburnart@gmail.com
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Thank you so much for making and sharing ART!! Whoop Whoop!!
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