NC-DECA Scholarship Application Process
North Carolina DECA members established a fund in the late sixties to honor T Carl Brown, former State Supervisor for Marketing Education, and to provide scholarships for Marketing Education students to continue their education. Many student, Marketing Education teachers, businesses and individuals have continued to build the fund since that time.

Who is eligible?
Any Marketing Education student who is a member of NC DECA, who is graduating high school, and who plans to prepare for a career in marketing or in teaching Marketing Education will be eligible to compete for T Carl Brown scholarships. The student may enter any post-secondary school of choice which prepares one for a career in marketing. This may be a technical institute, community college, a four-year college, university or private vocational school.

The NC Marketing Education Board of Directors has established the number of applicants from a school is limited to no more than TWO per Marketing Education Coordinator in any year. A teacher may only recommend students in his/her classroom. Teachers CANNOT use the "slots" of colleagues to submit additional students.

How recipients are selected:
Persons to receive scholarships are selected on the basis or merit by the NC DECA Scholarship Selection Committee. Obviously, persons must achieve in a manner which merits acceptance by the intended institution. Scores on standardized tests, grades in high school courses required for college admission, as well as achievement in Career & Technical and leadership in NC DECA and community activities are considered.

How funds are dispersed:
When a person is awarded a scholarship, the funds are awarded directly to the institution in which the student is enrolled. Half of your scholarship award is sent in the fall and the other is send after NC DECA reviews transcripts to ensure satisfactory performance.

Scholarships are NOT RENEWABLE unless noted on your scholarship award letter.

BEFORE YOU CONTINUE, please be aware that at the end of this application process you will be required to upload 6 documents before you submit your application. The required documents are:
3 Letters of Recommendation--one from your DECA Advisor, one from your Principal and one other
Your most recent & accurate transcript
Your SAT/ACT score report from the test reporting site
Your resume or complete list of academic honors, leadership positions & awards

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