Boldport Club questionnaire
Boldport Club has been steadily growing with a very high retention rate (over 97%). People seem to like what they are getting. With financial challenges and growth, however, we're constantly thinking of how to make the Club work better for current members and be more attractive to new members.

This questionnaire is informal and will require some time to complete. Nothing in it is 'required' and we ask that you elaborate as much as possible.

There will be no statistics produced and probably no direct decisions based on collective 'voting', although your insightful input will be read and thoroughly factored into our highly-complex solar-powered corn-fed next-gen machine-learning artificial-intelligence chaos-inspired decision-making algorithm cloud IoT platform (we call the beast 'Saar'). We're particularly looking for fresh ideas on how community engagement can improve and and how to increasing the already passionate membership that we have.

If you haven't yet, please visit before continuing.

In advance, I'd like to thank you kindly for your time in responding to this request for completing the questionnaire.

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