The Stilt House Book Tour
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This is a review only book tour from April 25th to May 6th 2016. We are excited to have you as part of the tour. Please fill in the form below and we will send you the ebook for review. A week before the tour starts we will send all promo info in an easy cut & paste HTML.


Title: The Stilt House
Author/Publisher: D.C. Waterman
Page Count: 200
Genre: Contemporary fiction/Action/ Adventure

Book Description:

As an illegitimate fishing guide on the waters of south west Florida, Shamus Pickford rarely gets a day off to enjoy the sport he’s done his entire life, but when he does, he calls on his old friend Klinger Nowel to accompany him. All the stars have aligned to make this trip happen. The tides were checked and the weather was noted, all were a go. The two set off at the break of dawn in hopes of catching that one big one, but when they spot a precarious plane flying over Charlotte Harbor, Klinger’s contagious enthusiasm and curiosity gets the best of them, a decision they will soon regret.

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