Student Orientation And Registration (S.O.A.R.) Faculty/Staff Survey

We value your feedback. Please complete the following evaluation so we may continue to improve our processes and better serve our students.
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    S.O.A.R.’s goals and learning outcomes were clearly communicated to students, parents, staff, and faculty.
    The S.O.A.R. activities were built on a foundation to improve student retention.
    I believe that S.O.A.R. participants left the campus with an understanding of campus services, registration, and academic advising processes.
    The methods used to communicate with parents and students prior to S.O.A.R. were adequate.
    The staff, faculty, and volunteers set the right tone in their interactions with S.O.A.R. participants.
    Best practices were discussed with faculty, staff, and students.
    Ideas were solicited from faculty, staff, and students.
    Students and parents left the campus with positive experiences of Alabama A & M University.
    Orientation sessions should be offered online for out-of-state students and parents.
    The S.O.A.R. processes were smooth and seamless.
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    Training offered to S.O.A.R. staff and faculty.
    Technology utilized during S.O.A.R.
    Campus-wide participation in S.O.A.R.
    Experiences for academic enhancement.
    Experiences for student engagement.
    Advisor and advisee interaction.
    Time allocated for student and parent sessions.
    Parking information.
    Volunteer assistance.
    Registration and check-in.
    Academic advising.
    Parent session topics.
    Campus tours.
    Majors Fair.
    Student Panel.
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