Parent Survey: Fall Planning 2020
The Hart District is currently planning for the start of school in the fall. Our final plans will ultimately need to comply with the County Health Order. However, because the provisions of the health order are changing daily, we are preparing a variety of options. The possible options include:

1. A complete return to the campus (assuming the county health order allows it)
2. A partial return to campus, blending online and in-person instruction
3. A full online option

It is likely that our final plan will provide multiple options for families to choose from. The information you provide in this survey will help us to develop plans and choices that best meet the needs of your child. Your input is essential and appreciated.
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1. Which school will your child or children attend next year? Check all that apply. *
2. What grade will your child or children be in next year? Please check all that apply. *
3. Many Hart District families have reached out to us with strong opinions about how best to start the school in the fall. Knowing that we will have to design a plan that complies with the county health order, it is nevertheless important for us to listen and understand how the community feels about this issue. Given what we know today, which of the following options are you most comfortable with? *
4. In a blended instructional model, students will be enrolled in both in-person and on-line classes. If you were to choose, which classes do you think your child can be MOST successful in with an online format? *
5. From the list below, please check all that apply to your child. *
6. Knowing that we are waiting on guidance from federal, state and local officials, If at some point you had a choice, which of these options do you think would best fit YOUR child: *
7. If your child was completing one or more classes completely online, would you feel comfortable with them coming to the campus with a small group of other students to complete an orientation from each teacher before the class started? *
8. If school is online again next year, what would you like teachers, school sites, and the district to know so they can create the best experience possible for your family? *
9. Do you have a particular teacher, or staff member, you would like to thank? What did they do to make a positive impact on your child's experience?
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