PyBay 2018 Pre-conference Workshops
PyBay 2017's workshops were a hit. All workshop leaders met/exceeded their attendees expectations, received a % of the tuition collected or donated their stipend to the conference. Participants learned a lot and the proceedings helped with PyBay's operational expenses and provided funds for scholarships. It was a win-win.

If you have a workshop idea, please submit your proposals here:

Feel free to browse prior years' workshops for pricing and inspirations

Please present the info in the manner you'd want advertised on if your workshop is selected. And yes, you can make edits to your abstract after you've submitted, please look for your receipt from Google.

If you have multiple tutorial ideas, please rinse and repeat.

If you need to have our decision before May 15, please let us know in the bottom of the form. We hope to finalize the talk selection first but in some cases, we can give you an answer sooner.

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Please check all that apply. Times slot below are approximates. Workshops will be happening simultaneously and I'd want to minimize scheduling workshops that target the same audience at the same time. Ideally, I'd like to have all the workshops on Thursday and Friday, but we may need to have some on Wed as well. If you want to deliver a full-day tutorial, please do not check the half-day slots :-)
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