SWD Chair Applications 2020-2021
Thank you for your interest in becoming the CKI Southwest District Fundraising Chair for the 2020-2021 term! Applications are due December 30th, 2020.

I am excited to talk to you all, see what drives you, and discuss the ideas you have for the Fundraising position. The chair position is vital to the functioning of the SWD, and I greatly appreciate the time spent to fill out this application.

After you have filled out the application I will reach out to set up a time for an interview; next, the board will discuss the applications and interview answers; finally, the board will choose the new chair positions.

Please take the time to thoroughly share all of your ideas and thoughts so that the board can get the most complete picture of you and your ideas for your potential position. Please read through all of the questions to avoid duplicating information, if you reference something in a previous question please just reference that question and the idea briefly.

If you have any questions about the application or the position please feel free to reach out to me at jburget1@asu.edu.

Yours in Service,
Joshua Burgett
SWD Governor
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Fundraising Chair Position
You will be working with the Governor, Treasurer, and Bulletin editor to come up with fundraising ideas and implementing them for the district. This might include creating appealing designs to go onto the district merchandise, our iconic socks, stickers, and shirts. Will also include overseeing online fundraising website such as redbubble and keeping track of sales and creating budgets.
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Why are you in CKI?
Why are you applying for this position?
What are some ideas you have for this position?
What are your goals for this position?
What experiences have prepared you for this position?
As a chair you will be a nonvoting member of the district board, how will you contribute?
What are you involved in outside of CKI, and how will you manage your time to fulfill your role as both a student and a chair?
How do you work in a team setting? Describe a time you worked in a team?
As a chair the position is what you make of it and there is a lot of independent work. How will you make the most of your term?
How do you release your stress? Think of a stressful situation, how did you handle this situation?
Are you prepared to attend all the remaining district events this year (DCON, DLSSP, and CLE) and attend a board meeting once a month?
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For the interviews, please fill out this link on when you are free to meet. Do not worry about the times that have already been put down. Please mark ALL available times that you are free. If no times are listed or available a new when is good link will be sent to your email.
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