College Recommendations
This form is only for students who have already received acquiescence from me regarding a recommendation.  Remember that I take this very seriously and in order to create an honest and glowing recommendation, I need some key information from you.
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Full name - Last, First, Middle *
Email address *
Declared Major *
Colleges and due dates *
List all the due dates (actual dates, not when you want it done by) and the school and whether it is through naviance, electronic, or snail mail (if snail mail, you will need to send me the exact mailing info for each one)  Also, you cannot change dates to an earlier slot if you were not approved for that slot.
If you are using the common application please include your address.  Number and Street. City, State and Zip.  Be sure to completely fill out the common app online as that makes the process much easier.  
Key adjectives and phrases *
List three words or phrases each that describe you as 1) an academic, 2) a leader, 3) a volunteer/charitable person
List 3 characteristics you would like emphasized in your recommendation.  Give a concrete example of how you demonstrate each characteristic.  Be specific, give concrete details.  Be concise. *
Do not choose characteristics that reflect a good personality, but that demonstrate why you are a natural leader and will be a valued member of the college and society.
List 3 to 5 key academic accomplishments that you are proud to share. *
Awards won are great, but so is showing growth in a particularly challenging subject.
List 3 to 7 extra curricular achievements that you are proud to share. *
Volunteering is great, but be sure to include the organizations you worked with.  Sports, include level and awards.  Music and art, list awards and years practicing.  
List 3 to 5 ways you improve either the community or the school *
List any hurdles or obstacles in your life that you have overcome.
Schools love students who overcome adversity, but don't make anything up if you have lived the "good" life up to now.  I, fortunately, didn't have any real hurdles in my life.
List other stuff you want me to know and share.
Make a good impression! *
When you give me your paperwork(electronically only this year), remember you are not the only one.  Be sure to include your name and the due date on all documents.  This includes the envelopes; place name and due date under the flap (no envelopes this year).  Include stamped envelopes with all applications (two stamps for regular envelopes and three for manilla envelopes).  Be sure to check in with me in person three weeks, two weeks and one week before the application is due or until I inform you that it was sent off.  It does not bother me, but really helps me prioritize what little time I have to work.  This year is especially difficult and I appreciate your reminders and patience.  I hope in some small way I can help you get into the college of your dreams (or at least Moorpark).
Here is what I require: *
The applications with due dates and names (only the ones not on Naviance).  Complete Naviance and mark me as a recommender.  If your school uses a separate system, inform me of how to connect with that system early.  Be sure I get everything in email form so I have a record.  Envelopes pre-addressed and stamped (be sure school name is on it, as well as your name and the due date under the flap).  If you are not one of my current students this year: Copy of your transcript.  Any sort of brag sheet or high school resume to help me write wonderful things about you.
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