San Diego Sunlight Retreat For Survivors of Rape Interest List

"I just wish there was some place I could go."

Let's stop hiding. Hi, I am Brittany Catton Kirk, and I am a survivor from an attack in 2012. In the months and years after, I tried to manage post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and a deep depression while keeping my career and relationship going. Some family wanted me to go to rehab, which is designed for those with substance abuse issues, not survivors of rape with PTSD. I searched for a place I could go, and had zero luck.

This is where the idea for Sunlight Retreats For Survivors of Rape was born. The experience is still raw five years later, it will always be raw, but every time someone whispers to me that it happened to them too, or some bright young person kills themselves out of grief, it hurts much more. I cannot tolerate the silence and secrecy any longer.

This retreat will not solve the deep-seated trauma of rape, but my goal is to arm survivors with knowledge, self-care options, and an empowering network of fellow survivors to help them navigate - something that I wished was available for me five years ago.

You won't have to tell your story a thousand times and you won't be questioned. But you will get support. I know there is a better way to recover than what I went through, and I really wish I had something like this to jumpstart that process. Sunlight Retreats are held in a safe, therapeutic environment where survivors of rape can heal in person with peer support, professional counselors, and offered free tools and services to help them heal.

The incredible Dr. Shiva Ghaed, a dynamic military sexual trauma specialist, will join us again to lead discussions on the science of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a Comprehensive Approach to Mental Health, and Healing and Growing Beyond Trauma.

We have some excellent resources that will be volunteering their time. At our previous retreats, we had highly-rated strengthening sessions on acupuncture, restorative yoga, healthy cooking, NET stress reduction, meditation and self-defense (we offer self-defense as optional, with a meditation alternative, with the clear understanding that many rape victims are incapacitated, drugged, are children, or in otherwise vulnerable positions where self-defense would not apply. )

Please note this event is not considered medical treatment but rather to provide social support and information. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical or psychological condition. Please consult your healthcare provider for individual advice regarding your own situation. If you need immediate care please call 800.656.HOPE (4673) or go to your nearest hospital. This retreat is open to female (transwomen and non-binary persons are welcome) survivors (ages 18+). Please see our male retreat interest list on our website.

Participants will have time to journal, and safe areas to go if they would like a break from the discussions, which may be difficult at times. All guests will be required to sign a liability waiver, and will only pay the at-cost rate it takes to host the 3 day retreat, which is $300. The retreat value, with all the donations is valued at $2500 per person, so it is an incredible opportunity for survivors.

Information provided will only be used for retreat planning purposes and will not be shared or sold. Retreat venue information will be released only to registered participants for privacy reasons.

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