IB FILM - The First Survey
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What was the last movie you saw in the theater? *
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Do you have a favorite movie? If so, name it.
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What was the FIRST movie you ever saw in the theater?
May need to ask a parent/guardian/family member to help you with this one...
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What is your favorite movie genre?
please choose just ONE or TWO
How often do you go to the movie theater? *
Are you planning to take the IB Film exam? *
There is no "exam" per se, there are three projects that are submitted for your exam grade. We'll talk about this more in class.
Have you ever made your own movie? *
Meaning - have you ever done any EDITING of video you have taken to make a movie? Not just the recording of a video...
If you have made a movie, what editing software did you use?
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I am most looking forward to... *
Do you know how to use Adobe Premier Pro? *
It's Adobe's video editing software
Which of these movies have you SEEN IN THEIR ENTIRETY?
Meaning, you have watched the movie and could have a conversation about it. - The next question has the same set of movies but asks you which you have seen parts of or watched casually (meaning not maybe paying full attention).
Which of these movies have you SEEN PARTS OF or watched casually?
Meaning, you’ve kind-of seen them, but couldn’t carry on a conversation about the movie at length (it's the same list as above).
Finish this sentence: I am taking this class because...
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Finish this sentence: Summer was...
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Comments, questions, etc...
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